Class Schedule

This schedule will be updated to reflect changes throughout the semester. If you have any questions, please email Professor Manuel.

January 13: Introduction

January 20: No Class Due to Snow Emergency

January 27: What Is Public History?

  • Edward Linenthal, “Committing History in Public,” [Blackboard]
  • Cathy Stanton, The Lowell Experiment, 8-16
  • Michel-Rolph Trouilot, excerpts from Silencing the Past [Blackboard]
  • Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History, 4-114
  • John Decker, Exhibition Review of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library [Blackboard]
  • Review National Council on Public History Web Site

February 3: Museums

  • Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History, 115-129

February 10: Historic Preservation

  • Class will meet at Urban Studio Cafe (2815 N. 14th St., St. Louis, MO 63107)
  • Museum Review Assignment Due
  • Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History, 178-246
  • Andrew Hurley, Beyond Preservation, 1-31, 55-94

February 17: Historic Tours

February 24: Documentaries

  • Documentary Review Assignment Due (Mandatory for Graduate Students, Optional for Undergraduates)
  • Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History, 250-268

March 3: Oral History

March 10: No Class, Spring Break!

March 17: Audio History, Podcasts, and Radio

March 24, Re-Enactments

  • Podcast Review Due (for Graduate Students); Documentary or Podcast Review Due (for Undergraduates)
  • Dennis Hall, “Civil War Re-enactors and the Post-modern Sense of History,” [Blackboard]
  • Review Confederate Heritage Web Sites

March 31: Digital History

April 7: Introduction to Community Partner

  • Class Meeting at Garden Gate Tea Room (839 Niedringhaus Avenue, Granite City, IL)
  • Andrew Hurley, Beyond Preservation, 146-201
  • John Bodnar, “”Symbols and Servants: Immigrant America and the Limits of Public History” [Blackboard]

April 14: Engaged History

  • Work with Community Partner:
    • Photo Wall and Walking Tour Groups meet at Lincoln Place Community Center
    • Website Group meets on SIUE campus
  • Cathy Stanton, The Lowell Experiment, 185-228
  • Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History, 270-309

April 21: Work with Community Partner

  • Meet in Peck Hall
  • Rebecca Conard, “Ethics in Practice” [Blackboard]

April 28: Work with Community Partner

  • No reading assigned

May 5: Presentation of Public History Project

  • Meeting in Peck Hall at 5:30 pm
  • Project with Community Partner is Due
  • Final Reflection Essay and Blog Post Due (for Graduate Students)

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