Preserving Stairs

8 May

by Caitlin Dentamaro-

Preservation is important in many ways because it helps the future learn about the past. Houses in Edwardsville date back hundreds of years. In my best friend’s house, they have stairs that date back to the Civil War. With the Civil War having its 150th anniversary this year, I thought that the stairs should be talked about. The stairs, at this point, are very wobbly, painted white and missing chunks of wood out of the different panels. The staircase has been painted over and over again, but the original wood is still intact. The landlord of the house refuses to fix the stairs or even change them out because he wants to preserve the entire set. I feel that this is important because the landlord appreciates history and what the staircase has to offer. Even though the house has been updated throughout the years, the dangerous staircase will always be left, leading into the basement.


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