Preserving Baseball Stadiums

8 May

by Nick Junge-

As years go by, current historical ballparks such as Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are continually being preserved. Unlike other ballparks such as the old Busch Stadium, which was replaced for a newer stadium, these two stadiums are constantly being preserved. Why do certain cities keep their historical ballparks for many years while others continually build a new stadium at every chance they get? I believe that it becomes a sense of pride. Wrigley field and Fenway Park are among the top ballparks in the country with great atmosphere and historic architecture.

Wrigley Field has many concerns that are being addressed each day such as falling bricks and out of date services. The organization always finds ways to preserve their landmarks. When the day comes that these ballparks are replaced, will they become storage for old cars seen earlier in class, or possibly become a museum in itself.  Becoming a museum would be very interesting to see. The museum could entail all of the team’s history and events that the stadium may have held other than baseball. Not only are these sites for baseball, but they hold many memories that families will never forget even after it is gone.


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