Endangered History?

6 May

by Katie Gieselman-

In the past few decades, America’s schools have seen a drastic shift in the subjects that are considered important. Art, music, and physical education have been cut from most schools. Now with the school’s success depending on standardized state tests such as the ISAT, I’m concerned that history itself, along with science, will fall to the wayside. The main focus on these standardized tests are math and language arts, so naturally teachers are focusing on these main subjects. The scary reality is that some students are only being taught history as little as twice a week, sometimes only once.

With a decrease in the emphasis on history, it’s a growing concern of mine that children–who are our future–will lack an appreciation for history and all it offers. What does this have to do with preserving history? If the future generations don’t have an appreciation for history, how can we ensure that historical buildings and history as a field will be protected? This is why the preservation of history is so important. Teachers need to work hard to show how fun history can be and changes need to be made statewide so that an emphasis on history is returned to the classroom. More field trips need to be taken and history needs to be viewed as a fun subject that can be hands on. Without this movement I truly fear the future and the evolution of history.


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